Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Winter Update #12 Finale! Time for Spring!

Hey there everyone! It's been a little while huh? We've been extremely busy constructing the movie and have got some amazing things to tell you all about in the coming months prior to the film's release! But for now, it's time to say goodbye to the Winter Update marathon here on the development blog. Today officially marks the first day of Spring, bringing Winter to an end. This means the unveiling of Sonic Prologue draws closer and closer! Excited? :)

Today for the final update of the Winter Marathon we thought we'd do a little recap of all 11 updates throughout the season, just incase you missed anything:

Winter Update 1&2
-Knuckles and Amy were revealed as well as the announcement of Tuberz McGee handling the movies musical score!

Winter Update 3
-A lost promotional poster was rediscovered!

Winter Update 4
-New Screen Caps were unleashed!

Winter Update 5
-Eggman and Metal Sonic Art released!

Winter Update 6 
-Hedgehog Day teaser!

Winter Update 7
-Hedgehog Day Announcements!

Winter Update 8
-Behind the Scenes of the Sonic and Metal Sonic fight!

Winter Update 9
-Sonic and Tails art revealed!

Winter Update 10
-Sonic Revolution News and Meeting Chris Wilcots details!

Winter Update 11
-Secret Sonic Prologue Art

That's all for today! Tune in very soon for a new update here on the blog!

-Doryan Nelson (Writer and Director)