Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Winter Update #1 (and 2) Some Friends for the Holidays

As promised, our Winter Updating spree begins today!
But as a special gift from all of us we're giving you two updates instead of one, because we love you! We here on the Sonic Prologue Development Team present to you Sonic's close friends:
That's right! Amy and Knuckles are going to make an appearance in the movie! Voice Actress, Jennifer Ferguson  a.k.a. Koka-the-Cat is playing the role of the beautiful, hammer wielding, tough girl, Amy Rose! I myself am going to play the role of the Lego shoed, fist of fury himself, Knuckles the Echidna!
(Btw the awesome 3D was crafted by Thomas Stewart a.k.a. Mintenndo! Check his other stuff out here!)

As our second update, we're getting an original score!
Internet musician, Tuberz McGee has recently expressed an interest in developing an original score for Sonic Prologue! Curious to hear his work if you haven't already? Check out the OCremix album: Temporal Duality, a musical tribute to the anniversary of Sonic CD!
Tuberz McGee produced 3 tracks on the album and they're fantastic! 

That's all for today, but check in next week for a another Winter Update! 
Have a good holiday everyone, and stay warm!

-Doryan Nelson (Writer and Director)


  1. When is the next update coming?

    1. Updates will be arriving every week, back-to-back for the rest of the season

  2. Yeah! When! I can't wait! Totally psyched that knux and amy are in ur movie! What's next?!? *happy girl squeal*