Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Winter Update #3 Sonic Lost Poster

We're a little late, but Happy New Year Everybody! 
Hope you all are excited! We're that much closer to finally unveiling Sonic Prologue!
In a few months we'll be able to narrow down a more specific time when the film will come out this year, but as for now let's go to a time where we had no idea at all!

Back in June last year, Sonic's birthday was coming up and we felt that is was time to finally reveal to the world our plans to make this thing happen. Chris and I discussed a lot of how we should announce the movie's making, but more importantly we discussed release times. Sonic fan film projects in particular, are unfortunately infamous for spearheading release dates, simply because it would be the perfect ideal time, like June 23rd, Sonic's anniversary or some time in the Summer. However when it comes time to release these projects, little is shown in terms of a final product on the date promised. Production for Sonic Prologue was only a month in and we had no idea when to expect it. So after long talks, we finally agreed on ending our teaser/announcement trailer on the phrase:

"Now in Development"

It was a good way to kinda tell that nothing was written in stone, even the correct year as to when the movie would be completed. Also we wouldn't have to deal with disappointing many of you from not meeting deadlines that we would just be pulling out of our hats. You can see the announcement trailer here, if you haven't already. 

This was all well and good, but there's one piece of content we didn't release at that time. 
And it's this:

An additional movie poster was created by Chris, to further promote the movie's announcement along with the trailer. Production was moving so quickly and so many things were happening that we sort of forgot this was made. Not to mention, this blog didn't exist yet, so we had no place to put it. But here it is for you all to see! See you guys next week for another update!

(22nd Anniversary Logo was created by deviantArt user: Super Hedgehog / So0oper)

-Doryan Nelson (Writer and Director)


  1. hi is this for the satam fanfilm your all doing if so are you still looking for voice actors I would love to audition I know it maybe lte but I only found the id today so I didn't know satam is my favourite and I would love to audition for bunny and sally if you haven already got them plz let me know ill send you my audition tomorrow and will u let me know what youthink this would be great for me plus if you wre planning to pay us I would acturly work for freeas I love it plz let me know

  2. This is the caliber and feel of Sonic fan film I am been waiting for for a long time. One suggestion I would make is that you do a live premier showing at this year's Sonic Revolution first annual American convention. As far as I can tell, there will be over one hundred fans attending this event, meaning a large audience to boot, and it would be a wonderful artistic creation to capstone the event!