Friday, September 27, 2013

New Trailer!

Just released a new trailer for the movie! Check it out!

Welcome to the Blog!

Greetings everyone, welcome to the development blog of 
the upcoming fan cinema: SONIC PROLOGUE!
Here you can expect to see new updates regarding the film's progress! This can range between sneak peek clips of the movie, secrets, deleted scenes and much much more. Consider this blog your exclusive backstage pass to everything Sonic Prologue!
We've got some big plans for this film that'll make you drop rings with excitement! 
First to start off, we should introduce ourselves. 
My name is Doryan Nelson. I'm the writer, director and storyboard artist of Sonic Prologue.
The man behind the stunning, eye-popping 3D animation is non other than, 
Christopher Wilcots.
He is also the set designer and layout designer for Sonic Prologue.
There's so much more to tell, but we don't want to spill the beans just yet! But in due time ;)
As for now if you'd like to see more on Sonic Prologue, visit our official Youtube channel
or if you'd like to see more on Chris and I, check out our contacts:

Doryan Nelson contacts: 

Chris Wilcots contacts:

Now with that out of the way our next update is going to be a good one! Stayed tuned!