Friday, February 28, 2014

Winter Update #11 Secret Image!

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! A special piece of Sonic Prologue art has been submitted, revealing something incredible

Wanna see it? Help us gain 2,000 likes on our Facebook page before June 17th! Hurry, tell your friends! There isn't a moment to lose! 

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Winter Update #10 Meet Chris!

If you haven't heard yet, the brand new US Sonic convention: Sonic Revolution is having it's first meeting down in Southern California, this Summer on June 15th! A few weeks ago we announced that we're showing off an exclusive clip from Sonic Prologue at the event for you all to see! But that's not all. In addition to the sneak peak at the movie, the man behind the eye popping animation: 
Christopher Wilcots will be attending the event as well for a special Q&A about the film! 

We're very excited about the outcome of this event! Hope you all have a fantastic time with Chris as well! :) 

For more information on Sonic Revolution, click here!
If you want to see some more amazing work by Christopher Wilcots
Check out his:

-Doryan Nelson (Writer and Director)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winter Update #9 Lead Roles

Hey there everyone! Things have been really really quiet around here lately, but we're putting a stop to that with a brand new update to show you guys! We're proud to bring you the lead roles of the film in their prime glory, both Modern and Classic: 

Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles 'Tails" Prower!

Get ready to see first hand the true story of how these two met each other for the first time, when the movie launches this Summer!

(Again the awesome 3D art was crafted by Thomas Stewart a.k.a. Mintenndo! Check his other stuff out here!)

-Doryan Nelson (Writer and Director) 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter Update #8 Metal Madness

Hey everyone! As promised to make up for yesterday's missed plans here on the blog, we've got some extra stuff to show you, this time focusing on the fight of the century:

The Sonic vs. Metal Sonic fight sequence is perhaps the biggest part of the movie and requires a lot of the focus when sitting down and trying to hammer it out. After the storyboarding process, the fight was 247 frames long and took awhile the choreograph. The intention is to create a Metal Sonic vs Sonic fight like no other! But requiring a lot of specific attention, as a result that also means that it requires a LOT of our time. So while going through meetings and spending long hours developing, here are a few "doodles" we've thrown around:

Pretty cool huh? Well that's all for today! 
Drop a comment below and tell us what you think of the project so far and what you're looking forward to the most :) 

-Doryan Nelson (Writer and Director)  

Winter Update #7 After Hedgehog Day!? What is this nonsense!?

Hey guys! We're so sorry ^____^
Yesterday was a crazy day for the internet which kind of hindered things in terms of Blogspot actually working. But nonetheless, the stuff is here!
If you've kept watch on our Facebook blog, you'll have seen this stuff already but here we'll give you the low down on everything we came out with on it :D

Firstly, we have a release time! Not exactly on the month n' date, but nonetheless a time to expect the movie.
This is a poster that was prepared, that again was released on the Facebook blog, but here problems occurred. The movie will be expected to be seen this Summer! Be on the look out for seeing it :)

For our next big bag o' goodies we've got an announcement to make. If you live in the Southern California area or are willing to travel there for the event, as some of you probably know, a US based Sonic the Hedgehog convention is on the rise and it's called: Sonic Revolution.
What does that have to do with Sonic Prologue you may ask, well we're gonna show an exclusive sneak peek at a scene from the actually movie via projector screen!

We're really excited about this partnership and it's been a blast working with the guys down at Sonic Revolution! Be there to see it before anyone else ;)

That's all of the updates regarding Hedgehog Day, and again guys we are SO SORRY we missed the big day. Again, complications with the service and actually landing on blogspot has a been an issue all yesterday. 

To make up for it, return back here on the development blog late this evening. We were going to save this particular update for later, but instead we'll upload it tonight instead! Again apologizes for the inconvenience

-Doryan Nelson (Writer and Director)